bayo - first pic


at long last, tears of joy.


a tiny new one whose name was chosen because it means

“my joy is found.”

welcome to the world:


Bayo Shalom Drake Beasley

born June 22, 2011 at 12:32 am

8 pounds, 6 ounces of pure muscle

20 inches loved


a sweet baby boy, wrinkled and sleepy, with the scent of God-love on his skin.


you, dear one, are loved.


  1. ashley

    oh, he is so beautiful…so perfect… he has already brought such joy… there are no words for how wonderful yesterday was… holding sweet bayo and seeing the joy and love in his momma and daddy’s faces… oh, what a glorious day! i love him so! xoxo, ashee
    “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 2 Cor 9:15

  2. emily

    what a perfect gift. cannot wait to meet this little man! love, love and more love ~ emily, chad and anne-london

  3. Jenny

    been eagerly awaiting this joyous arrival! welcome to the world bayo shalom drake beasley! sending immeasurable hugs to sonya, drason, and lil’ livi! i imagine our Banebow is beaming a few hues brighter with this special event.

  4. Danielle

    It thrills my soul to see sweet Bayo’s face. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

  5. Robbie Harrell

    God is good…congrats Sonya, Drason, and Livi. He is adorable!

  6. Alyssa

    What a joyous time this must be. He is so adorable!! My prayers and thoughts are with you all. What a blessing!!

  7. Joey

    Congratulations Sonya and Drake! A new baby always brings joy. God Bless you and yours.