the aftershocks

January 12, 2010. Haiti. March 11, 2011.   Japan. June 27, 2011.  Tennessee.   Two of the three are catastrophic acts of nature.  The third on the list was a disaster that seemed anything but natural.   A day like any other day.  A mama shuffling to the door of the baby’s room, padding...

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nice to meet you …

  owls perched in the corner of his room, watching. it had been decorated with browns and creams, with quilts hand-sewn, with pillows placed just so.  it waited for him. but he … he of the eyes piercing blue, of the Buzza family nose, of the sleeping arms outstretched in touchdown pose...

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Mike, the tow truck driver

photo credit here Turns out, even a preacher man  has a bad day, now and then. And on a day such as this, one preacher man found himself stranded, his car on the side of the highway, silent and useless as a paperweight. He set off on foot, hoofed it to a friend’s house, and because it was...

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Saturday, October 22, 2022
9:00 AM

Montgomery Bell State Park
1020 Jackson Hill Road, Burns, TN

Follow THIS LINK to register online for the 2022 Banebow 5K at

*To receive a race t-shirt, participants MUST register online prior to September 27, 2022*