what mary saw …

photo credit here   gazing up at him, nailed there, out of the reach of her arms, the arms that had swaddled him on his very first day, she grieved an aching, wretched, human grief. i sit silent for her today, on this Good Friday that must have been anything but, for the mother of the one who...

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God’s tattoos

photo credit here     this is not a post about Christian hipster culture.   my aim here is not to  make God cool or trendy. He is content with omnipotence, i’d say.   nevertheless, the prophet Isaiah asserts that the Almighty does, in fact, have a tattoo.   don’t believe...

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7 Days of Heaven: a curse word

photo credit here there is a  boundary line drawn across the heart of my friend, one that I dare not cross.   when we are together, face to face, there are moments of silly … and then there are moments when I try, with words that she trusts come from a soul-friend, to “poke” her a bit.  Sort of...

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Saturday, October 22, 2022
9:00 AM

Montgomery Bell State Park
1020 Jackson Hill Road, Burns, TN

Follow THIS LINK to register online for the 2022 Banebow 5K at Active.com

*To receive a race t-shirt, participants MUST register online prior to September 27, 2022*