when you’re the big sister …

livi kissing bane


you know things.


you know things about babies and  how they should act.  you remind the babies of these things.


you know things about parents and how you can get them to fudge on
silly rules about bedtimes and treats and the like.   you learn fast how to use these things to your advantage.


you know things that people said six months ago – verbatim… and not one of us knows how you know them, but you do.


you know things that make you a great little helper, a kind big sister,
a firecracker of a friend.


you know things in songs and in books and   because your mama said.


and then again … there are things that you don’t fully know.


things you may never know because we can’t fully know them and wouldn’t know how to say them if we could.


and so we watch you there, your nose deep in God-scent of flower, being fully and freely three … and we feel our heavy  lift a little in your light.


and we praise God for the gift of you,  big sister.


livi smelling flower


  1. ashley

    oh, how i love this big sister!! xoxo, ashee

  2. joann


  3. Jenny Noble Anderson

    and a lovely big sister she is! such a sweet post, kelli:).

  4. jeanamelee

    oh, little Livi-Loo-Loo
    how we love you !
    you are the best big sister!
    aunt jeana