they looked up …

And behold, the star that they had seen when it rose went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was.  When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.
Matthew 2: 9b-10

they were late to the party.

not late as in fashionably — late as in late.

as in, past the cattle lowing, the swaddling clothes, the angels
heard on high.

three kings from afar arrived late …unapologetically …
because they had followed a star.

i have to say, this season:  i can relate.

it has been a season of hurried travel, of family gatherings full of joy, fellowship, and flu-germ-sharing.  sick kiddos do not believe in silent nights, and more than once i’ve felt more like Scrooge than Cratchit.

but the miracle of the manger remains.
and it calls each of us, crabby and sniffly as we may be:  

to look up.
to find  our star.
to follow it  toward Christ.

on this eve of the New Year, this time we set aside for reflecting on months past and planning for months ahead, i think back to a couple of friends sitting in a coffee shop just days ago – she with her chai and i with my half-caff – and i am giddy with excitement for the vision that was shared.

though the past months have brought pain we never could have predicted at this same time last year, they have also brought  a profound sense of purpose. as we think of the opportunities that have landed in our laps, as we think of the schnazzy changes that you’ll see in this little space on the Web come January, and – most of all- as we think of the people Banebow will minister to in 2011, our sorrow is overcome, for we rejoice exceedingly with great joy.

and though we feel more like paupers, we march like those kings of old.  we humbly bring the gifts we have to offer.  and we look up, trusting that the work we do is for his glory, and therefore we cannot fail.

posting will continue to be light over the next couple of weeks as we pursue exciting new directions – with the blog and the ministry.  join us again in january when we’ll revisit our series on Heaven (with a giveaway that will make you Flip!), reveal a new series that will feature YOUR stories, and unveil a new look for the Banebow blog.  we’ll also – after many email requests and finally finding someone way smarter than us to handle the logistics — begin featuring the Banebow gear (t-shirts, car decals, and such) for sale here in this space.

please continue to pray for God’s healing in the lives of Sonya and Drason — and that His purpose be fulfilled for the Banebow organization.

and may you, as you pause and reflect at another year gone by,
be filled with the light of your own star,
God’s shining purpose that only you can fulfill.


be well, friends.  see you soon!


  1. Nancy

    Rejoicing exceedingly, and with great joy even as I pray, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus." Blessings to you, to Sonya and Drayson.

  2. Ashley

    i am so excited about the changes for the new year, and i look forward to how we will be able to touch lives and minister through banebow…praying…love…

  3. Anonymous

    I am very excited to see what God has in store for BaneBow in the coming year! God Bless the Beasleys!