when the calendar haunts …

bane beach


A bit like my granny, who could tell you a storm was coming by the arthritic pain in her knees, I always know when the  anniversary of a hard day has come, even when I’m strung out on busy, hands working too many tasks to name.


Today, the arthritic pains of grief ache fresh.


Searching the archives, I found the post we planted here about the very first anniversary, and though this will mark three years since Bane’s passing, I was surprised by how much every word still feels true … how we’re learning that grief, much like arthritis, stays with you.  There is no sprinting through it.  It ebbs and it flows, and it doesn’t heal – not completely – not in this life.


today, just as on the day i penned those words, i think of His sweet face, and I praise the God who gave us the gift of Bane – that same God whose healing touch we so desperately need in Bane’s absence.


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