what’s better than blogging?

Don’t let the long face fool you — the boy loves his Livi

three letters:  I R L.

begging your patience this week as i pause posts here to enjoy time with my soul-friends in real life.

miss livi  and my Beckham have played long, he chasing her shadow with smile wide, she stretching long legs and leaving him in the dust, while their mamas talk of heart-truths in whispers … and  my heart is as full now as my belly will be tomorrow.

wishing blessings to all of you, friends, on this holy-day when we remember that gratitude is the only true response to God’s love. 

love well those you are with … and check back with us Friday, when we’ll be posting poetic on a dear friend’s site.

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  1. Connie Mace

    oh…my heart aches as a mama who has 2 sweet babes, these many years now in Heaven…GOD bless you all. There is a pain so deep that only GOD can touch it…I praise Him that you let Him.