there is still good …

good year

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the fourth digit on my left hand is ringed in a halo of white gold and diamonds  and i blush proud as the cashier at the grocery store names it the prettiest she has ever seen.


not one hour later, tears burn hot against the backs of my eyes, pricked fresh from the ugly of an argument … and a wedding ring is a heavy halo to carry, indeed.


and in my marriage, there is still good.


the wind pushes leaves to dance along our tree-lined street, and when we hear the cymbal spats of raindrops, we open our windows wide to the smell of earth and the crisp beauty of fall.


yet there, on the television, we watch raindrops fall heavy enough to crush houses, crush spirit in Central America, as casualties pile and the rain continues to pour.


and in this world, there is still good.


one baby naps today, chin resting heavy on his mama’s shoulder; his breath purrs rhythmically  as his eyelids twitch, chasing rabbits in a dream.
another baby peek-a-boos from the framed photo on the wall, no breath, and three hundred fifty-four days, seventeen hours and twelve minutes since he was carried home, far, far away from the sofa where his mama lives out another day, where his new little brother sleeps.


and in this life, there is still good.




there is still good … because God is still good.


from scripture, we learn that God is good – and that from His goodness comes a love that endures.


Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good.

His love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1


note that verb:  endures.




not:  feels warm and fuzzy forever. 

not:  fulfills our expectations forever.




as we approach a calendar year of chasing Bane’s legacy through Banebow, we are proud to say that, by His grace, we have endured.


and our hope is that, by His grace, we will continue to endure – and to squeeze the hands of others who hurt deep, look them steady in the eye, and tell them truth:  you can endure, too.


as we move toward the celebration of what would have been Bane’s second birthday, we’ll feature new posts on plans for the coming year.  check back here to read the story of our latest referral family – it is an amazing story of grace.  in the coming weeks, we’ll also feature a revival, of sorts, of The Bane Bane Game, as we continue to encourage others to “play” it forward.


as we look back over these months of ministry,

 we are honored  to do the work that He has given us:

loving on others and telling their stories.

we are amazed at the way we’ve seen God’s love heal hearts

that might have otherwise withered in bitterness.

most of all,  we are grateful to those who have supported us

by making a donation, by volunteering, and by praying

for these gifts of spirit and encouragement mean more than words can say.


it has been a hard year … it has been  a good year.