the new has come …


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It’s a time for resolutions — for burying vices and resurrecting good intentions.

It’s a time for renewal – for a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning.

It’s a time for hope – that last year’s pain might be crumpled alongside Christmas wrappings and discarded calendars, might be tossed “out with the old,” as they say.


We wake on January 1st   believing magic   may have happened overnight … yet it usually takes less than a week’s worth of calendar pages before we decide, with an eye roll and an exhausted sigh, that we were foolish to have such hope.  we settle back into the same old, same old.


Thankfully, there is more to life than what we know, just now.


For the “new” we so desperately crave did come, will come again, is perpetually coming.


Jesus, a man altogether new to those who met him, brought  new ideas  concerning who mattered mostnew methods  for living in a fallen world, and  a new commandment  for anyone who wished to follow his lead.


He left this place to prepare a new one, where he waits for us while His Spirit — that inexplicable magic of his presence in men – pumps new grace, and more grace, and grace anew, into our hearts … until the transfusion is so comprehensive that we are made into new creatures.


This year when you fail at keeping all of the new promises that you’ve made to yourself, remember that there is One who keeps his promise to abide with you – to abide in you – until the ugly of this world melts into the beautiful new.


Believe … that if you believe,

 the new has come.