Happy Birthday

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday sweet Bane …

“my Jesus, come quickly.”

these words, poured from broken hearts on a hard day.

grief catches in throat, stops breath, looms hard on the road ahead …
but God. His word is true — even in this.

but Jesus … who this very day is  singing over our sweet boy.

Would you pray today, for this family, on this very difficult milestone?  Would you lift them with your God-words?

Would you celebrate Bane’s life by telling his story?

And, if you’d like, come back here next week, when we’ll begin a 7-part series on  Heaven, Bane’s home.


  1. jennynobleanderson

    My husband and I are headed outside on a beautiful Alexandria day to run run RUN for Bane:). But our hearts are at the Banebow 5k, running strong beside Drason, Sonya, and Lady Livi. Love to all of you who are celebrating the birthday of a beautiful boy.

  2. Matt and Shelley

    Happy Birthday, Butter Brown. It was a beautiful day. So many people came to Banebow 5k to show Sonya and Drason love and support for their mission and also to celebrate their son's birthday. It was a huge success and great times were had by all and all for our Baney. The outpouring support really impacted Bane's parents as you could see their gratefulness through their smiles. Our community is so blessed to have such people with big and open hearts! Bane will forever be close in our hearts.

  3. Blake and Danielle

    Happy Birthday, Bane…

  4. Anonymous

    We had a great turn out for you on Saturday, Baney. You were missed so badly. There were a lot people showing just how much they love you and your sweet mommy and daddy. I was wondering….What did Jesus get you for your birthday? aunt ju-ju