fix your eyes

the driver of a station wagon littered with bumper stickers,  burden-light, who let you cut over so that you could make your left turn.

the old man, moving slow, who held the door open with shaky hand, humbly insisting that you enter first.

the teacher, full of Monday but still  wearing smile, who was excited to see your child show up at school today.

the spouse who excused your morning crankiness, giving you a cup of coffee, of patience, instead of attitude.

we wake every day
to a world
where both incomprehensible sorrow
and indistinguishable joy

where babies go, but  leave signs pointing us homeward.

to breathe the breath you breathe as you read these words is a gift …


and there are other gifts, too,
if we know how to
to find them.

today, The Bane Bane Game plays on, and we still humbly ask that you honor Bane by playing it forward.  but we also ask that  you simply look around — on the path of earthly walk that you’ve been given — and pay attention to the acts of kindness already in progress.

would you work, as Sonya and Drason labor to do, to face sunshine and rain and still  count it as joy?

then come back here … and fill the Comments section with tiny shafts of light, with bits of  even broken glass made beautiful?

say out loud here where you have seen the spirit of
The Bane Bane Game at work in total strangers.  notice those who give of themselves today, and perceive — receive — kindness as the gift that it is.




  1. Emily Lavenue-Roberts & Chad Roberts

    i try to play the bane bane game everyday. and i find that it's the little things that count. i try and make an extra effort to be nice to the check out people at target. i try to smile at strangers more (which is something i never really used to do). and i try to find the small things where people need just a little bit of assistance- like helping an older lady put some water in her shopping cart. i find that i am looking for these things now whereas i never used to before. and this is all because of bane and his family.

  2. Matt and Shelley

    I played the game today and didn't realize it until the receiver pointed it out to me…thanks Mrs. Sanders for reminding me. As Emily commented, I do little things that I never used to do (and why didn't I???): smile at a stranger walking past, waving to others while driving (remember when everyone used to do that?), sharing Bane's story (I did this to the pediatrician yesterday when I had to take in Kate), I prayed for a high school friend that has a heavy heart, and trying to do more. I see everyday differently than before…and I want to make a difference every single day that God has given me and remembering precious, sweet baby Bane Alton Drake Beasley while I am doing good.

  3. Amanda Pilkinton

    Sonya and Drason,
    We played the game all day yesterday. Check out the blog. Love you guys!!!Praying for you all the time!