Chasing a Banebow

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It’s not the  Iron Man championship.

It’s not the Tour de France.

But it is a celebration of  one special little boy 
who would have turned one year old on October 23, 2010 … 
a boy who will touch the lives of others  for years to come  through the legacy of this charity.

There are  only two days left  to register at the Early Bird rate and guarantee yourself a sweet t-shirt designed by this artsy lady.  
One hundred percent of proceeds from the Banebow 5k Fun Run will go to helping this ministry accomplish its mission.

What’s more, your presence there on such an important day will speak volumes of encouragement into the hearts of a family that is   
hurt, but not hopeless  
grieved, but drenched in God-love.

With every step that you take of that 3(ish) mile path, you will be saying to Sonya and Drason and sweet baby Livi:

“i will walk with you through this.”

and the joy they receive from that will be a reminder
of a Savior who walks with them, too.

Won’t you bring a friend and click over here to register today?

Come on and  Chase a Banebow  with us!

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  1. Anonymous

    I simply can't W A I T to walk in honor of our sweet smiling Baney on his 1st birthday! ~j