7 Days of Heaven: Where the To-Do List is Only One Word

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i still can’t get over it.

i know that i’ve already  mentioned it here, but it hounds me, perpetually unsettling in its singularity amidst all former memories of funeral services.  it just wasn’t right, what i saw.  it didn’t add up, didn’t fit my expectations – it exploded my view of what it means to praise.

Her hands … they were raised.

Picture it: the Sunday worship team
is center stage when the band gets started.
Hear drums.
Now keyboard.  Saxophone peals. 
God-words in amazing vocals,
lifted through speakers, falling down upon a crowd of men with collars buttoned over throat lumps,
women shifting uncomfortably in panty hose, in grief deep.
Picture  an entire roomful of people
staring hard into their laps at hands trembling, clutching shredded, tear-soggy tissue.

Then picture their eyes rising – because she is rising.
Her.  The woman down front.  She is on her feet, chin tipped toward the sky,
singing  as if her voice might reach Heaven.
And her hands – they are raised.

i’ll admit it; it unnerved me, that day.  scared me a little, if i’m being honest.  this soul friend of mine, she is made of strong stuff, but i thought that maybe she had finally cracked wide open … thought maybe i was watching the crazy start to spill out of her.

i had twisted my soggy tissue into something serpentine, on pins and needles hoping that the celebration would go as planned.  i’d been privy to the behind-the-scenes work of dozens of volunteers, all wanting the same thing:  that this hard, hard day somehow be bearable. that bright-colored balloons and large, glossy photos of those chubby brown cheeks might bring  some semblance of joy to an unthinkable reason for gathering.

and our prayers were answered, though not in the way that my checklist for the day had ordained.

Her hands … they were raised – in WORSHIP. And worship – not balloons or songs or even the presence of family and friends –  WORSHIP is what made Bane’s celebration perfect.

And it was fitting, to honor him in that way.
For though he often trailed behind his mama,crawling on chubby knees;
though he often had to be carried by the strong arms of his daddy,
on that day, in his celebration – Bane took the lead,
and those who had gathered simply played copy-cat.
We gave it our best doing as he now does perfectly.
Lifted high with Spirit, we joined in chorus with saints above, our words commingling with theirs
as symphonic God-beauty
rattled the walls of the church — the walls of our hearts, too.

and that sound that rose up, strong and sweet?
that was a foretaste … a bread crumb on the trail
to a place where a chorus of  Holy Holy Holy is playing even now…

Where is Bane?  Bane is in a place where all he does is  WORSHIP.

And we are invited to join in – even this side of heaven … we are invited from wherever we are and in whatever way we can …because  worship is not contingent on circumstances.

Worship is saying what is true … in spite of your circumstances.

When my heart tells my lips, my tongue to cry out that an amazing grace has saved wretched me, to proclaim that even when sorrow comes in billowing waves it is well with my soul – these are not mindless pop lyrics, they are powerful theological truths.  they are God-words, heavy with importance.

And  there is power in them, if we will slow our minds and cup our hands to our ears to hear the hum, the pulse … power  like an electrical current, we invited to be Spirit-conductors.  The experience of true worship is transformational, for when we stop all of our hamster-wheel running and pause to think on things eternal, we are allowing the Spirit within us the space to do  what it was created to do.

Bane is in heaven … and his days are spent doing  exactly what he was created for.

Now, before you picture that sweet babe with cartoonish cherub wings and a harp, before you equate Heaven’s chorus with the perfunctory hymns performed at your church just before the offering plate is passed, consider that the bible  defines worship differently than we often do.

“Scripture depicts people standing, walking, traveling in and out of the city, and gathering at feasts.  When doing these things, we won’t be on our faces before Christ.  Nevertheless, all that we do will be an act of worship. We’ll enjoy full and unbroken fellowship with Christ.  At times this will crescendo into greater heights of praise as we assemble with the multitudes who are also worshipping him”
from  Heaven by Randy Alcorn, (188-9).

Bane’s very being is attuned to worshipping Christ.  He never gets distracted from it.  Every verb he performs could have
“in worship” tagged on to the end of it.  He gives glory to God, and he receives joy.  It’s  a never-ending cycle of giving praise and receiving God’s love.

Compared to this, I’ll bet your daily to-do list looks  pretty pathetic. Mine too.

But here’s the catch: if we know Christ, we are called to worship him – now.  Consider it “employee orientation” for the job you’ll spend eternity doing.  You are called to take the day as it has been given to you and to perform each and every task with  a heart that pumps Holy Holy Holy and a mind that is captivated with Christ.

Chances are (if you are anything like me), you’ll fail miserably at this – at least a dozen times each day … before breakfast. But the call remains.   Worship. Right where you are.  Give praise so that you can receive joy.  It’s a struggle.  But I’ve seen it work.

It can work at your job – even when your work is not fulfilling.

It can work in your home – even when your spouse doesn’t give you the love or respect that you crave.

Have a  child who pushes your buttons?  Let the grace you show him be an act of worship.

Tired?  Discouraged?  Depressed?  Worship doesn’t require that you plaster on a fake smile; it simply asks that you lift your tears heavenward and offer your heart back, again and again, to the only One who can heal it when it’s broken.

I saw this once.  In real life. In the most unlikely of places.

Her heart was broken … but  her hands were raised.

Will you consider this week how and where you might
choose joy by offering worship?

As promised in Bane’s birthday post, we will be including a giveaway at the end of each post in our “7 Days of Heaven”series.

Today’s gift?  The gift of  music — which isn’t ALL that worship is, but is definitely close to the hearts of the Beasleys, whose home is full of song.  For those of you who weren’t in attendance at Bane’s celebration, a special treat:  we have linked some of the music that was played that day into the sidebar to accompany this post.

And today’s giveaway?  A $25 Itunes gift card, offered by a generous donor and given in hopes that the lucky winner will experience God’s love through song.

To enter today’s giveaway, you may do any (or all) of the things listed below.  Simply leave a comment letting us know that you have completed one (or more, if you so choose) of the options listed below.  For each option in the list below that you complete, you should leave a separate comment, which will allow you multiple chances to win  — up to seven entries total.  Contest closes Monday, November 15, 2010, at midnight, CST. Winner will be selected randomly and announced on Tuesday, November 16.

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  1. Alex's World

    My radio dial in the car is always set to 88.7 Way FM. I love to sing everything that comes on. Its like my own little praise and worship service, on my way to work each day.


  2. Hattie

    I have been blessed to know this family….about thirty years. What a strong, loving family! My heart aches for their loss, but rejoices also, at knowing where Bane is.

    Some of my favorite hymns….How Great Thou Art…Take My Hand, Precious Lord….Teach Me, Lord…He Keeps Me Singing.

    Sending my love to Sonya and Dra

  3. Rachel

    I became a follower! Keli, your words are worshipful to me so often. God has given you such a gift and we are all privileged to hear from you as you help your dear friends.

    Anyway, I love music. Currently, my ipod has songs ranging from Hillsong to Miley Cyrus to Lady Antebellum:).

    My favorite hymns are In Christ Alone, Be Still My Soul, & How Deep The Father's Love For Us.

  4. slb3334

    I like to sing Christmas songs.


  5. peg42

    What a wonderful blog you have.
    One of my favorites to sing is Old time classic country music. I grew up listening to my parents listen to this music and I grew to love it. Now my kids even listen to it.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway

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  36. Hayley

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  37. Hayley

    I am following this blog….my heart still aches for Sonya and Drason every single day, and with every ache, goes up another prayer.

  38. Hayley

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    my current most fav songs to sing by myself and also with my children are banebow jams…"Grateful" and the one playing now, "Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul!" Two of Evan's favorite songs to sing at night (and I even faintly hear him singing during the day) are "Jesus Loves Me" and the other that will always bring Bane close to us, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Some things on my ipod: Harry Connick, Jr., Glee Cast, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Allison Kraus.

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