2010: a year in the rearview

this time of year makes philosophers of us all.

we wake fresh from the long sleep of Christmas gluttony to find that the calendar flapping forward to new year has given us pause — has rendered us contemplative, pondering months past and wondering how we might resolution our way into old things made new.

we are thinkers, all, this time of year.  we go deep.

we stake claims on “better” in the coming year.  even if we’ve failed in years past to stick to them, it’s no matter.

so  hopped up on hope are we — inspired by the promise of that babe in manger — that anything feels possible.

flipping back through old posts here at the Banebow site reveals a glimpse in the rearview of what was 2010 for the Beasleys: ominous clouds, dark and bleak.  hazardous travel conditions.  a road not taken by many.

my friend Sonya would tell you that if she had seen this out the front of her windshield, she would have said it plain:  I’ll never make it through that.

but God.


he drives them on, mile by painful mile … they learn, like we all must, to loosen their grip on the steering wheel, to resist the urge to backseat drive.  and to understand, finally, that the rearview image is skewed — objects may have a larger purpose than it appears.

we are so thankful for your continued readership, dear friends.  in the past few weeks, we’ve been parked at a rest stop, pursuing God’s wisdom for our ministry and tinkering with things under the hood.  next week, you’ll visit here and find that we’ve done some rearranging:  tearing down wallpaper and rearranging furniture and such. 

but the heart of this site — of this ministry — remains the same.
through God’s leading and in His power, 2011 will be a year in which
Banebow does big things [and important small things, too]
to bring hope to those who are on a hard road.

and regardless of what is in your rearview, we pray that 2011 brings you peace and joy and a new hope as we travel along together.


  1. Matt and Shelley

    Looking forward to traveling with you in 2011!!

  2. Anonymous

    Very excited!!!! Can't wait to see the new changes coming…big and small. And as Ive said before I cant wait to see what God has in store for Banebow.


  3. Anonymous

    I am ready.